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So at the begining of this year the guy I liked didnt want to date in fear that he would hurts me, so after he told me this I went to date someone else…. It didnt work to well. So I asked the guy if he still didnt want to date me, and he said he did because he didnt want to lose me again to anyone.

I just found out he is moving, FLM!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said: I think you've always wanted to see me without clothes on... I posted photos WITH MY FACE COVERED at AllSinglesLinkUp ) dot ( com just go there create a profile and find ''summatime940412'' then guess who the fuck I am and message me on AIM or something

well WTF IS YOUR ISSUE!?! I could tell you I am LEZBO

I love you dumb shit <3

After alot of messages;

B: Sorry I lost my phone.

K: Lost or got it taken away?

B: Lost

K: So you found it? :D Or am I talking to a creep?

B; Ur talking to a creep

K: Ummmm ok :)

B: And this creep loves you <3

Well night

Well I got to go love yalls :/